International affairs

Since 2013 Law Office Lindblad has invested more than before in international activities and contacts. Our team of international matters is responsible for international assignments and attorney Juhani Tukia is leading the team.


thumb_legal500logo2011jpegOur office has been represented in Legal500-register since 2007. Legal500 offers comprehensive and worldwide information about the most recommendable law offices on all continents. In Legal500 Europe Register or on their Internet pages one can find the updated facts of the most advocated law offices, their staff and services. Learn more


Asianajotoimisto Lindblad kuuluu Advoc verkostoonIn the year 2013 our office has joined the highly appreciated law office network of Advoc. Independent law offices all over the world are members of the Advoc-system. Advoc has a comprehensive representation e.g. in Europe. Every Advoc-member offers first-class collaboration, service on good price-quality ratio, wide professional ability and language skills as well effective problem-solving.

The goal of the Junior Advoc Group is e.g. to promote the networking of young lawyers with their foreign colleagues and to offer a informal, international forum for its members.

Our Advoc-membership improves remarkably our abilities to handle with international matters and to give judicial counselling about foreign legislation. We can offer expertise and familiarity in any field.

AIJA – International Association for Young Lawyers

Our junior lawyers are active in the organization called International Association for Young Lawyers, AIJA. AIJA arranges annually several meetings and thereby offers an opportunity for young lawyers to get together with like-minded foreign colleagues.

Chambers of Commerce and other memberships

Law office Lindblad is member of e.g. Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Finnish-German Chamber of Commerce, Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce as well Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce. Our office is also member of South-Carelian Russian Trade Club.

Focusing on Russia

Our office regularly assists Russian clients on different matters relating to business and real estates as well tax matters. We assist our Russian clients also in civil cases and in their private law matters.

Our liaison manager Alla Sipanova-Taskinen assists our lawyers in issues relating to Russian language and culture. We are also in close collaboration with Wirma Lappeenranta Oy.