Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.

With a track record of over 20 years of operation, Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd is among the 40 largest law firms in Finland. Many client relationships are based on long-standing cooperation. We provide our clients with comprehensive service in their legal matters, especially in corporate law cases and demanding legal issues faced by individuals. Our aim is to prevent problems in advance. We also serve our clients in English and Russian.

Local service and team work are the keys for efficient service

The location of our offices and the presence of our staff in various parts of Finland ensure excellent knowledge of the local circumstances, providing the clients with the best local expertise and service. We work in teams which we put together for each assignment. The team will have the most suitable experts in each case and every team always includes the competence and experience needed in that particular assignment.

International contacts

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd is a member of both the German-Finnish and the Russian-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. We network with local law firms in various parts of the world. Collaborating with the local law firms, we are able to serve our clients extensively on the international arena. Some of our lawyers have both lived and worked abroad before joining the company.
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Decades of experience

Our law firm provides its corporate clients with comprehensive and competent attorney services and advice, both in contract issues and other day-to-day business matters as well as in corporate acquisition contexts.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in demanding corporate law matters. In corporate and business law, our expertise covers all main legal areas, such as company law, shareholder agreements, employment issues and various corporate arrangements.

We are conscious of your costs

At the beginning of the assignment, we will naturally find out if your costs are covered by the legal expenses insurance.

Why choose Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd?

Clients appreciate us particularly for our knowledge of practical business operations. We are able to provide rapid service because we recognise and understand the clients’ true needs.