Markku Lindblad

Markku Lindblad serves our clients in each office and he is in charge of Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Imatra and Joensuu offices. Mr. Lindblad has over 20 years of experience in business law. He is a partner and the CEO of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.

Markku Lindblad

Markku Lindblad

Attorney, Partner Phone +358 20 749 8161

Markku Lindblad has a wealth of experience in i.e. shareholder and director agreements as well as contractual arrangements regarding intellectual property rights, non-disclosure agreement and engagement. He has acted in Boards of Directors and handled numerous mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Mr. Lindblad has acted several times as trustee of minority shareholders in arbitration proceedings conducted according to Finnish Companies Act. The assignment of a trustee is to take a stand especially for the validity of the redemption price offered by the redeemer.

Mr. Lindblad has participated in several arbitration tribunals related to delivering industrial plants and production lines to other countries, when the assignments have concerned inter alia dereliction of duty of the parties in projects and also issues on financing and payment issues. He has also participated in procedures involving agent and shareholder agreements, and claims related to acquisition such as damages, payments and shareholder loans.

Arbitration rules of The Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI), Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) and Comi Ry (COMI) and Arbitration Act have been applied in Mr. Lindblad’s arbitration proceedings.

Mr. Lindblad acts as the person responsible for our arbitration proceedings team. The team managing the process is selected on the basis of the need for expertise in the case.

Mr. Lindblad has also handled several demanding company, contract and tort law matters.

Markku Lindblad has accomplished a Business Mentor training arranged by the Small Business Center of Finnish School of Economics together with the Employment and Economic Development Center of Uusimaa. He has also received the title of Authorized Business Mentor in April 2006. Mr. Lindblad is thus authorized to act as mentor specialist in consulting network for starting companies provided by Uusimaa business incubators.

Mr. Lindblad has completed the Finnish Arbitration Academy organized by the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises has approved Mr. Lindblad as Speaker of Business Acquisition.