Private Client Services

Tort law

We handle compensation matters related to property and personal injuries. In these matters we can assist injured party as well as the party liable for damages. We will examine proper procedures based on whether the damage has occurred in contract or employment relationship, non-contractual relationship or as crime damage

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Personal taxation

We help in matters of inheritance tax or gift tax. And other tax-related issues.

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Real estate and dwelling legislation

Our Attorneys’ Office offers legal services concerning real estates, their dispositions, development projects of estate, renting flats and dwelling etc. We draft comprehensive all contracts and documents needed in real estates and dwelling.

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Family Law and inheritance

We offer our expertise e.g. in estate inventory and other inheritance-, marriage-, divorce-, child custody and right of access –related matters. We take care of estate inventory and estate distribution as well draft the necessary deeds thereof. We also draft individual last wills and testaments for our clients

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Dispute settlement

We assist our Clients in all judicial disputes before and during trials. In dispute resolution process we try to restrict the costs of our Clients by attempting to reach a settlement as early as possible if this will be possible in case at hand. We also take care of all necessary follow-up measures after trial or settlement, like distraint.

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Labor law

Our law office is specialized in questions that labor law, law of civil servants and other special situations are setting.

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Contract law for private persons

We draft expertly all kinds of contracts for companies as well for private persons. We assist our private clients in drafting contracts related i.e. to home purchase and lease, sale of movables, employment relationship and family law matters.

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Lindblad Attorneys provides its private clients with comprehensive and competent legal services and advice to solve not only unexpected situations in everyday life but also more complex legal problems. Our attorneys have solid experience in the most demanding problems faced by the individuals, and the ways to solve them. We attend to inheritance issues and disputes over contracts, to name just some of our areas of expertise.

At the beginning of the assignment, we will find out if some of the client’s costs could be covered by their legal expenses insurance.


The ADR-directive (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and ODR-statute (Online Dispute Resolution) of EU, which determine the alternative dispute resolution of consumer litigations, come into force 1.9.2016. The purpose of this regulation is to intensify the operations of dispute resolution organs outside of court and thus facilitate them also in cases of border crossing consumer trade. According to the directive consumer can use the alternative dispute resolution organs in case of disagreement.

If disagreement concerning trade contract cannot be settled in negotiations between the parties, the consumer can submit the matter to Consumer Disputes Board. Additional information on the homepage of Consumer Dispute Board

Private Client Services

  • Family law and inheritance issues
  • Solving of disputes
  • Assistance and advice in issues related to employment and tenured service contracts and their termination etc.
  • Questions and disputes related to salary and wage claims
  • Equal opportunities and discrimination issues
  • Assistance in damage compensation matters
  • Assistance in contract drafting
  • Assistance in contractual disputes
  • Termination of contracts

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