Assistance in damage compensation matters

We handle compensation matters related to property and personal injuries. In these matters we can assist injured party as well as the party liable for damages. We will examine proper procedures based on whether the damage has occurred in contract or employment relationship, non-contractual relationship or as crime damage.

Right to have compensation

Tort law is applied for non-contractual relations. In contractual relationships, however, both parties are legitimate to restrict their obligation to pay damages. In contractual relations compensation law principals are followed. These principals are based on tort law. According prevailing compensation principal in Finland injured party is legitimated to claim full compensation from party causing damage. Compensation covers direct and indirect damages. There are also separate regulations related to damages caused by employees during their employment relationships. Also as far as crime damages are concerned there are specific features in procedure.

Damage and insurance

Often both parties have insurances, which form an important part of the practical solution. We will examine the coverage of insurance and negotiate with insurance companies when needed. We have handled successfully claim disputes with insurance companies in court as well.