Contract law for private persons

Contract law

We draft expertly all kinds of contracts for companies as well for private persons. We assist our private clients in drafting contracts related i.e. to home purchase and lease, sale of movables, employment relationship and family law matters.

Well drafted contracts are the best guarantee to achieve the aims set and prevent future disagreements and ambiguities in the contract.

A contract can be oral or written but it is always highly recommended to draft them in writing. The written form brings security to legal relationships which will be beneficial for each party. In practice it is difficult to prove the contents of an oral contract for example in trials. In certain cases law provides the contract to be in writing and to include special formalities to be valid.

Assisting in disagreements caused by contracts

The contracts occasionally cause disagreements between the parties. The parties might have different views of the contents and purpose of the contract as a whole or of single contract clause. Disagreements can also be based on the opinion that the other party has not fulfilled his obligations defined in the contract. In cases of disruption in performance depending on specific features of the contract required measures can be e.g. refraining from own performance, rescinding the contract, demanding contractual penalty or compensation for damages.

We assist in any kind of disagreements caused by contracts as well in interpretation, adjustment of stipulations and payment demands based on contracts. If necessary we assist our clients in contractual matters also in court. In civil cases it is important to contact a lawyer as early as possible in order to minimize the damages.

We conduct payment demand matters throughout the area of EU-countries.

Termination of a contract

Contracts can be terminated depending on each contract type and situation either by doing agreed performances, through expiring, giving notice or dissolving the contract. Termination of a contract should be taken into account already when preparing the contract. Questions about terminating the contract might cause dispute between the parties.

Our expert contract team assists our clients in all questions and disagreements related to termination of contracts.