Family Law and Inheritance

Family law and inheritance matters are an essential part of legislation. We offer our expertise e.g. in estate inventory and other inheritance-, marriage-, divorce-, child custody and right of access –related matters. We take care of estate inventory and estate distribution as well draft the necessary deeds thereof. We also draft individual last wills and testaments for our clients. It is worth keeping in mind that deeds drafted well and in time can save one from lot of trouble and pain in the future. In addition to that they can help in tax planning which can save a lot of money. Especially in cases where there are heirs from separate matrimonies of the parents or the assets consist of business or other special wealth a standard will is not sufficient. It is often necessary to compose an entity, which in addition to a will includes prenuptial agreement, deed of donation or trade or even articles of association.

In cases relating to matrimony we draft prenuptial agreements and other necessary deeds. In case of divorce we assist in distribution or separation of the matrimonial assets of the spouses and draft the distribution deeds. We also assist in divorce trials and in cases concerning child custody and their right to maintenance by their parents.


We assist in matters relating e.g. to

  • last wills and testaments
  • estate inventories, winding up and distribution of estates
  • prenuptial agreements and other family law matters
  • distributions of assets
  • divorce trials and child custody and right to maintenance matters