Personal taxation

Inheritance tax

With help of professional tax planning incorrect interpretations due to unsuccessful arrangements followed by possible tax increases and legal consequences can be avoided. Considering in advance effects of inheritance tax, property can be shared among heirs and beneficiaries according deceased´s will regardless inheritance tax.

Gift tax

Gift tax is a form of taxation, where by tax planning it is possible to effect almost on every donation situation. Gift taxation is connected, as well as inheritance taxation, essentially with property transfer of a family from generation to generation. It is possible by means of tax planning, when connected to donations, to carry out property transfer with optimal method from taxation´s point of view. With professional tax planning it is possible to achieve considerable savings.

We assist in
matters related i.e. to:

  • Inheritance- and Gift tax planning
  • profits on sale and losses from assignment
  • dividends, capital incomes and deductions
  • rejoinders, complaints and announcements
  • visits a Tax Administration