Mari Laari

“For the first time in my life, I took the help of a lawyer, and I really did not have to be disappointed with the service.”

-Mari Laari –

Autokoulu Itkonen Oy

The first contact took place by telephone in late 2016, and it was very informative and friendly. There was no doubt that we would not give Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd a mandate.

In the first meeting, where I and my son Jaakko Itkonen were present, we went through the state of our driving school and entered on the case.  Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd started swiftly and expertly selling our driving school. During the process we have always received answers to our questions and a detailed explanation to what we did not understand.

The case went as scheduled, some things take longer than the others. Throughout the entire case we have been able to be sure that things will be handled with solid professionalism, correctly, kindly and listening to the customer.

We are very pleased with the way the process went from the first meeting to the end. We are very happy to recommend your services to others. We hope for the best and success for future years.

With kind regards Marja Itkonen
Autokoulu Itkonen Oy

Jäminkipohjan JÄMÄ ry

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted Jäminkipohjan Jämä ry in competitive tendering process of optical fibre network construction under the Act on Public Procurement and Concession contracts.

Holiday Cottages Finland Oy

Holiday Cottages Finland Oy gives thanks to personnel of Lappeenranta office for carefully and responsibly performed work in a complex case that resulted in a positive solution to our problem.

We are very pleased with the result.
We wish best of luck and succes to Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.

Alla, let us thank you for your sensitivity and understanding and we hope you will succeed in all matters and initiatives in the future.

Te-Pa Medical Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Te-Pa Medical Oy in dividing to Te-Pa Medical Oy and LPR Invest Oy.

Kirkkaus Analytics Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted Kirkkaus Analytics Oy in a civil case.

”Thanks for taking excellent care of our affairs.”

Suvi-Trading Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted Suvi-Trading Oy
to conduct trademark owner changes in
the registers EUIPO, WIPO and NIPO.

AP-Pinnoite Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted AP-Pinnoite Oy in legal affairs.

Noretron Esitystekniikka Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted Noretron Esitystekniikka Oy for 
settling the custom tariff problem caused by certain item’s misleading Finnish translation of technical data.

Seppo Kankaanpää, Uusimaa

The law firm Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted a private person in death estate matter.

”By the office’s help, we made an agreement with one beneficiary, without long appellant litigation. On behalf of the parties of the death estate I want to thank the staff of Lindblad’s office for competent and customer-orientated service. Thank you!”

Simpeleen Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos Ky

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Simpeleen Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos Ky in selling partner’s share, changing the limited partner as well in drafting all the corresponding contracts.

The business of Simpeleen Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos Ky consists of producing and selling PT and gym services.

Seppo Haapaniemi

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted Mr. Haapaniemi in a civil case.

“I had and accident at work January 31, 2013, I fell on icy and poorly maintained construction yard. Falling resulted a slight brain injury. My union did not help me, they did not even appoint me a lawyer.

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted me in the court where the prosecutor indicted the employer for violation of industrial safety and causing injury. In the District Court the employer was not convicted for causing injury. I appealed with my attorney to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal inflicted the employer to pay all my claims as required. I am pleased to recommend Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.”

Helpot kotisivut design Ay

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Helpot kotisivut design Ay in resignation process of one partner. Lindblad helped us in negotiations, in drafting of the selling deed and other contracts as well in registering the rulings.

“Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd took care of our disputes, selling contract and other documents splendidly and quickly. We are very pleased with their skills in business law and we are ready to recommend their services also to other entrepreneurs.”


Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Sekocons Oy in a civil case.

“You are just professionals! Many thanks for your help and involvement in a long and difficult contractual controversy. Without you we would have failed. We appreciate your assistance and correct methods to operate. We will recommend Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd to all our friends and all people, because we know, that there are professionals taking care of your business. We want to wish you success and luck.”

PRT Raksa

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted PRT Raksa in a matter of damaged goods.

“Thank you very, very much. It was a pleasure to be your client and we will recommend you to anyone who needs judicial help. Terribly good work, THANK YOU!”

-Veikko and Gerli Toivonen

Markku Pulkkinen

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted successfully Mrs. Elvi Pulkkinen in consumer civil matter concerning roof construction. Claims were accepted both in the District Court and Court of Appeal.

Asfaltticenter Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Asfaltticenter Oy in dividing toAC Construction Oy and AB Center Oy as well in trading the shares the way that both of the new companies have different owners after the transaction.

Centerhallit Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Centerhallit Oy in dividing to AC Hallit Oy and AB Hallit Oy as well in trading the shares the way that both of the new companies have different owners after the transaction. In addition to that Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has drafted for the above mentioned companies a contract of shared administration concerning their real estate.


Taipalsaaren Lämpö Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted Taipalsaaren Lämpö Oy in the acquisition of the whole stock of Biowin Saimaa Oy. Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted also in the Due Diligence process and in drafting the contracts relating to the procedure as a whole.

The business activity of Biowin Saimaa Oy consists of owning and operating bio thermal  power station.

The municipality of Taipalsaari owns Taipalsaaren Lämpö Oy.

Adessin Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys has given legal counselling to Adessin Oy.


Tero ja Mirkka Järvinen

”Thank you very much for your exemplary work. We are very pleased with the amicable result, because we thought we would not get no compensation without a trial. Special thanks for great negotiations and advice as well for the professionality. We had a very good feeling about your way to handle things and the way you took us into consideration during the whole process.”

Lindblad & Co advised City of Outokumpu in the sale of Outokummun Energia Oy

Lindblad & Co organized, as an advisor of City of Outokumpu, an auction process in order to sell the shares of Outokummun Energia Oy. Non-disclosure agreement was signed with ten parties during the process and an offer was received from four parties. It was agreed during the process that Outokummun Energia Oy will be divided to three companies. The shares of two companies to be formed will be sold to Vapo Oy and to a new company to be founded by Kuoreveden Sähkö Oy and Köyliön-Säkylän Sähkö Oy. The purchase price for Outokummun Energia Oy is EUR 25. 56 million.

However, the city council decided not to sell its energy company based on 15 votes against and 12 votes in favor.

Partner Markku Lindblad led the Lindblad & Co team which also consisted of senior lawyer Anna Virta and lawyers Maisa Cederström and Topi Heinänen.

Contact persons:
Markku Lindblad, partner
Anna Virta, senior lawyer

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Kari Angeria

Assisted Mr. Kari Angeria in drafting an executive employment agreement. Mr. Angeria was appointed to editor-in-chief of the newspaper of Iisalmi.

Rakennus ja Pihapalvelut Ahlstedt Oy

Assisted Rakennus ja Pihapalvelut Ahlstedt Oy in a matter concerning violation of an agreement, in which a satisfactory settlement was reached after negotiations.

Landbell AG für Rückhol-Systeme

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd assisted Landbell in the Due Diligence process concerning a branch of the company in Finland. This Due Diligence process was a part of the largest ever Chinese acquisition of a German business, where Beijing Enterprises bought this waste management company for €1.44bn


Tulus Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted the company in contractual matters and in questions related to establishing a subsidiary. 


Olarin Huolto

Special issue of shares to Tapiolan Lämpö Oy. 


Piresma Oy

Business sale 

Assisted Piresma Oy to sell its marketing department of children’s playground equipment to Kompan A/S.


RE-Suunnittelu Oy


Assisting in merger of RE-Suunnittelu Oy, Rakennus- ja energiatekniikka R.E.T. Oy and RE-Arkkitehdit ja Insinöörit Oy.


Insinööritoimisto Sir-Sähkö Oy


Assisted in drafting shareholder, executive and management agreements and in division of the company to Insinööritoimisto Sir-Sähkö Oy and SIR Rahoitus Oy.


Patronas Oy

Selling the company by share exchange 

Selling the capital stock to Menire Oyj (now Turvatiimi Oyj) by share exchange.


Tehoc Oy

Buying group of companies by share exchange 

Assisted in buying capital stock of Kymen Prosessipuhdistus Oy and Etelä-Suomen Prosessipuhdistus Oy by share exchange.


HA-Vartiointi Oy

Selling capital stock 

“Our family business has been cooperating with Law Office Lindblad almost for a decade. We have received judicial assistance in employment matters as well in taxation and management matters. Law Office Lindblad assisted us also in selling of our capital stock to Engel Security Oy. Cooperation with Lindblad has always been seamless. Doing business with them is always pleasant and I also get hold of my lawyer immediately. Everything goes within the agreed timetable, too, because Law Office Lindblad takes care of its tasks rapidly.”


Dae-Tek Oy

Buying capital stock 

Dae-Tek Oy imports i.a. excavators and other such machines and offers maintenance and spare parts for the machines. Dae-Tek is one of the biggest importers of earth movers in our country. Lindblad Oy assisted Dae-Tek Oy in buying the whole capital stock of Konemyynti Niemelä Oy. Konemyynti Niemelä Oy sells earth movers in the region of Tampere.


Asunto Oy Nurmeksen Kuusrivi

Assisted in clearing up the liabilities in oil spill as well in preparing the decision making in general and board meetings of the company. Lindblad assisted the company also in drafting various contracts and applications as well in insurance compensation matters.

Please see also: Tort law

Lea Rouvinen

The lake water beside our summer house got spoiled through wrong drainage. After wasted efforts with several lawyers I turned to Law Office Lindblad for help. By using experts and making our compensation demand more accurate we won the biggest possible adversary – the state.

Saaristomaailma Oy

Jari Kallioniemi 

“Law Office Lindblad has assisted us in a dispute regarding transfer of shares of our important subsidiary. We were as well able to settle another long-term disagreement with a player, who has offered us their services. Law Office Lindblad has taken care of the matters related to employment and debt collection and assisted us in the questions about developing the structural coherence of the cluster of our companies.”


Beauty Bar

Hanne Lahti, SKY-kosmetologi 

“As professional on my own branch I know how to appreciate the professionality of the others. In my opinion a small company cannot afford to be negligent in e.g. employment matters, but it is beneficial for everybody that the contracts are well drafted. Pre-emption is essential and the expenses for preventive actions are not high compared to the costs of actually occurring problems. It is very calming to know that professionals are there for you.”


Restel Oy

Björn Pahlberg, branch manager 

“Restel is Finland’s biggest enterprise in hotel and restaurant business. Our cooperation with Law Office Lindblad has lasted for years now. Lindblad has assisted us in several matters from licensing systems to staff questions. Our lawyer understands the restaurant business and we get help promptly also in sudden and unexpected situations. That is why we are very pleased with the services of Law Office Lindblad.


Stabil Constructions Oy

The company installs heating systems and pipework. Lindblad has assisted the company in employment matters.

Employment or contract /KKO 2008:99 precedent

Law Office Lindblad assisted Ari H. in the matter

T and H have signed a contract to do structural constructions in T’s house and its outbuilding. The question was, if the contractual relationship was, however, to be regarded as employment relationship considering the facts in negotiations and other issues relating to carrying out the contract.

Ismo T had the actual possibility to direct and control Ari H’s work, because he has been on the construction site daily. Because Ismo T has told he has overseen the progress of the construction and given advice how to proceed, he had in fact supervised Ari H’s performance. Ismo T had been responsible for all materials needed and paid tool compensation to Ari H according to the regulations of Collective Labor Contracts. These facts back up the conclusion that Ari H has actually worked under supervision and direction of Ismo and Kaisa T.

The moderate hourly charge, 14,40 €, indicated other things than working as an entrepreneur. Offering the contract without VAT , working with tax deduction card and negotiation about exemption from pension payment backed significantly up the conclusion that it was not about a contract but employment relationship.

Because of these facts there is no reason for compensation according to the cause of action.

VPFuture Oy

VPFuture Oy, established by Vesa Peltonen, is a business management consulting company which concentrates on staff improvement.

The aim of VPFuture is to promote the productivity of its clients by improving the staff in different ways. Productivity is in many cases based on collaboration net individual for each project and this guarantees the best and most qualified carrying out of the assignment meeting all needs of the client.

Former employer of Mr. Peltonen demanded contractual penalty in the court from the shareholder for violating prohibition of competition contract. Law Office Lindblad responded to the complaint. The employer renounced all his claims before trial.

“Cooperation with Lawyer Minna Romu was seamless”, commented Mr. Peltonen.


Mezzoforte Oy

Mezzoforte Oy is one of the biggest internet auction administrators in Finland. Lindblad has assisted the company in online auction matters.