We Understand Business

Incorporation and establishment services

Our company has assisted many small and medium-size enterprises in establishment process to Finland.

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EU and competition law

The purpose of competition law is to secure healthy and well-functioning competition and to avoid harmful restraint of competition. Read more

IPR or intellectual property rights

We assist in legislation concerning intellectual property rights (IPR) e.g. the holder of a patent, trade mark, utility model right or design copyright or the applicant party of these rights. Read more

Public procurement

We assist in statutory tendering municipalities, state authorities and other procurement units mentioned in law. Read more

Real estate and dwelling legislation

Our Attorneys’ Office offers legal services concerning real estates, their dispositions, development projects of estate, renting flats and dwelling etc. Read more

Bankruptcy and reorganization

Our office has broad experience in bankruptcy matters. We act as bankruptcy trustee in bankruptcies initiated by creditor. Read more

Debt collection

Our Attorneys’ Office offers fast, high-quality and cost-efficient debt collection service. Read more

Dispute resolution

We assist our Clients in all judicial disputes before and during trials. In dispute resolution process we try to restrict the costs of our Clients by attempting to reach a settlement as early as possible if this will be possible in case at hand. Read more

Contract law

Contract law is an essential part of business life and M&A. Well drafted contracts are the best guarantee to achieve the aims set in internal as well external arrangements and trade. Read more

Change of Generation

Attorneys’ Office Lindblad has assisted entrepreneurs and companies in several, successful change of generation procedures. Read more

Tort law

We handle tort law matters related to both property and personal injury damage claims. In these matters we can assist injured party as well as the party who has caused the damage. Read more

Corporate arrangements

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd. assists companies, byers, vendors and their financers in various company acquisitions and advises individually them to manage different kinds of company arrangements. Read more

Corporate taxation

Tax issues form an essential part in planning of change of generation in business. Every single realization alternative and step of change of generation includes various kinds of tax sanctions. Read more

Decades of experience

Our law firm provides its corporate clients with comprehensive and competent attorney services and advice, both in contract issues and other day-to-day business matters as well as in corporate acquisition contexts.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in demanding corporate law matters. In corporate and business law, our expertise covers all main legal areas, such as company law, shareholder agreements, employment issues and various corporate arrangements.

We are conscious of your costs

At the beginning of the assignment, we will naturally find out if your costs are covered by the legal expenses insurance.

Why choose Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd?

Clients appreciate us particularly for our knowledge of practical business operations. We are able to provide rapid service because we recognise and understand the clients’ true needs.


Real Estate Registration in Finland

Finnish Real Estate Register consists of the public title and mortgage register. The property identifier, the registered name of the real estate and the area are recorded in the public title register. The owner of the real property, real estate mortgages and special...

Home Renovations

From time to time a house may need some renovations as the building ages. It may be necessary to do, for example, a roof or drainage renovation. When hiring a contractor to do the renovation work the client should pay attention to a few important things. Often...

Property Developer’s Ten-year Financial Liability

Real estate and dwelling law | 8.11.2018 | Yleinen @en In Finland a property developer (in the scope of this article a construction company) can establish a new housing co-operative as it builds new residential buildings. This process in which the developer starts a...

Valuation in Acquisition and Generational Handover

Valuation, value and price People’s view of the value of a company depends greatly on their perspective. The seller views the value as high. The buyer sees the value as being lower than the seller does. A financier has yet another angle on the matter. In...

Checklist for Buying a Detached House

The law obliges the buyer to inspect the property carefully. After the sale one may not invoke a defect that should have been detected during the inspection. The buyer should take enough time to inspect the property and visit the site more than once. The parts of a...

Declining an Inheritance

How to decline an inheritance and its consequences   When disclaiming an inheritance a beneficiary gives up their legal or bequeathed right to the inherited property. This means the beneficiary is no longer a shareholder in the decedent’s estate. As the...