Contract law

We draft all kind of contracts for companies as well for private persons.

Contract law is an essential part of business life and M&A. Well drafted contracts are the best guarantee to achieve the aims set in internal as well external arrangements and trade. The importance of contract legislation will become emphasized in international business.

Written contract gives you security

A contract can be oral or written but it is highly recommended to draft them in writing. The written form brings security to legal relationships which will be beneficial for each party. In practice it is difficult to prove the contents of an oral contract for example in trials. In certain cases law provides the contract to be in writing in order to be referred to. In all cases the written form of a contract has its considerable advantages.

Contract is profitable

Checking and revision of the contract is especially profitable in situations when a single contract as a whole is used daily and the objects of the contract are valuable.

We assist

in contractual matters related i.e. to

  • contracts of companies
  • internal contracts and contracts between companies
  • corporate acquisitions and reorganizations
  • partnership agreements and management  contracts
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • employment-related agreements
  • financing agreements
  • commercial agreements
  • agency and resale contracts
  • delivery and subcontracts
  • technology agreements
  • technology transfer agreements
  • license agreements