Corporate taxation

Change of generation

Tax issues form an essential part in planning of change of generation in business. Every single realization alternative and step of change of generation includes various kinds of tax sanctions. Revenue law includes several provisions which are supposed to remove taxation obstacles of M&A and ease the tax burden in change of generation. Revenue law also includes regulation concerning tax evasion, therefore every disposition shall be carefully planned with assistance of taxation expert.

Our service includes comprehensive anticipatory tax planning and tax admin and subsequent conduct with Tax Administration concerning tax audits as well as tax arrangements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our office handles structural reorganizing of companies, corporate acquisitions and tax planning of corporates and their owners. We also counsel our clients on international tax matters in cooperation with our foreign specialist partners.

Our specialists can estimate the tax sanctions of different mergers and acquisitions in advance and find an optimal solution for our clients.

We assists

i.e. in following corporate tax matters

  • change of generation and relating tax sanctions
  • tax planning of various M&A
  • tax of dividend distribution
  • matters relating to international taxation
  • assisting in conduct with Tax Administration
  • complaints, rejoinders and obtaining reports