Debt collection

Our Attorneys’ Office offers fast, high-quality and cost-efficient debt collection service.

We have experienced that quick start in debt collection after due date brings better results than slow reaction to delayed payment.

It should be taken into account that claims typically become statute-barred in three years.

Our debt collection service includes all measures needed in debt collection. Remittances for the Client will be directed to a separate customer funds account from which they will be transferred to the client’s account.

Our debt collection demand makes usually the debtor pay voluntarily or he contacts us in order to draw up a payment plan. This contact also breaks off the debt falling under the statute of limitations.

We also take care of all customer service relating to debt collection.

We will look into the credit information of the debtor and counsel our clients case-specifically about the measures of judicial debt collection what comes down either limited or wide summons, bankruptcy collection or repurchasing. On the basis of debtor’s credit information we make also recommendation of credit loss.

We offer:

  • invoice reminder service
  • juridical collection
  • contested claims and relating summons as well trials
  • special collection of large claims
  • bankruptcy debts
  • economic offences
  • realization of collateral security, sale by auction
  • special collection of instalment and  leasing claims as well repurchasing service

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