Dispute resolution

We assist our Clients in all judicial disputes before and during trials. In dispute resolution process we try to restrict the costs of our Clients by attempting to reach a settlement as early as possible if this will be possible in case at hand. We also take care of all necessary follow-up measures after trial or settlement, like distraint.

Contact us in time

In case of dispute it is important to contact your lawyer as early as possible to minimize damages. In disputes, as well in other cases too, we map the options to cover our Clients costs through legal protection insurance.

Please not that we handle dispute and debt collection cases in all EU-countries.

Arbitration proceedings

In Arbitration procedure the dispute will be solved by an arbitral tribunal. Arbitration is based on a mutual contract of the parties. Depending on the contract of the parties or on the case the arbitration procedure follows the rules of arbitration law, company law or the regulation of the Chamber of Commerce. The benefits of arbitration procedure are its speed and cost-efficiency because the matter will be handled only once. We have went successfully through several arbitrations. We will be pleased to tell You more, among other thing,s how to anticipate arbitration in contracts and how various alternatives for instance inflect on costs.

Settlement procedure

Settlement procedure is specifically used in disputes between companies. This settlement is based on a contract of the parties. In this procedure agreed quarter sets an outside mediator. The purpose is to go through the dispute quickly underneath the guidance of the mediator and find a solution suitable for the companies so that their contractual relation and cooperation can continue. This method has paid dividends very well.

We assist

in matters relating to

  • arbitration
  • settlement
  • demanding and collecting debt
  • real estate and dwelling
  • indemnity
  • employment and service
  • other civil cases