EU and competition law

The purpose of competition law is to secure healthy and well-functioning competition and to avoid harmful restraint of competition. The companies are not allowed to restrain free movement of goods, services or capital in EU-countries.

Forbidden restraints of competitions are actions of entrepreneurs which are meant outstandingly to inhibit, restrict or distort competition or which lead to these kinds of distortion of competition. In the law there are, however, a few exceptions to this.

In business life it is important to act within a framework of EU- and competition law. The violation of competition restraining will be sanctioned (payment), but damage compensation is also possible in Finnish legal praxis. The business life risks due to competition legislation can be mapped and prevented in cooperation with our specialists, but we also assist companies which have run up against restraining actions because the damages caused by restrictions often need expertise to be repaired.

We assist in

  • Counselling in competition law and risk management
  • Cartels
  • Dominating market position
  • Monitoring corporate acquisitions