IPR or intellectual property rights

We assist in legislation concerning intellectual property rights (IPR) e.g. the holder of a patent, trade mark, utility model right or design copyright or the applicant party of these rights.

Patenting an innovation will be made by registering its intellectual property rights.

Importance of technological IPR-contracts has grown with the increase of international trade. Attorneys’ Office Lindblad is a reliable partner in matters related to intellectual property rights.


Often more important than registering the IPR itself, is other protection of the core know-how of the innovation. In this aspect non-disclosure agreements are vital. We have drafted sets of contracts, which secure the non-disclosure in i.e. managing director, partner, employment, sub- and reselling contracts.

Assignments of intellectual property rights

Holder of intellectual property rights gets economic benefit without investments. Through assignments and for compensation the holder can transfer usufruct or licence to a third person. The holder of usufruct or licence is thus able to make use of his right effectively by getting to the desired market by the assignee, who pays royalties to the original holder. The intellectual property rights can be capitalized also on development and cooperation agreements. The intellectual property rights can also be assigned as a whole.


Agreements related to information technology have specific features and conventions, which have to be taken into account in drafting or explicating contracts on this area.


Franchising agreement grants usufruct of a business idea and its intellectual property rights to a budding entrepreneur. There is no actual legislation for the system. The arrangement reduces the need of capital of the franchise-transferor, because the assignee is expected to finance acquisition of premises, fittings and appliances himself. The entrepreneur as for him usually gets a functional brand and ready-made concept for his business.