Real estate and dwelling legislation

Our Attorneys’ Office offers legal services concerning real estates, their dispositions, development projects of estate, renting flats and dwelling etc. We draft comprehensive all contracts and documents needed in real estates and dwelling. We have solid experience in selling and buying real estates and shares in housing companies, we have assisted both vendors and buyers. We have also assisted the parties in claims in cases of defects in trade.

Diverse experience

Our special field is pleading related to housing companies and real estate corporations. We have diverse experience in assisting both housing companies as well shareholders in cases of liability in renovation and maintenance matters.

We assist

i.e. in matters with

  • use and disposition of real estates
  • development of real estates
  • defects in real estate trade and relating indemnity
  • trade of shares of housing companies
  • defects an indemnity in trade of shares of housing companies
  • assisting chairman of the board and manager of housing companies
  • assisting shareholders in housing companies
  • renovation and maintenance liability
  • administration and decision-making
  • establishing companies and M&A
  • environmental damages and their recovery