Intellectual property rights include copyright, patents, industrial design rights, trademarks and trade secrets, though these categories differ by country. We provide legal advice and assistance with all kinds of cases as to protecting and managing these rights as well as making licensing contracts. We also help your business if these rights have been breached. Our team can also help with international IP rights.


Industrial Rights Are Important to Protect Your Business Model

Patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial design rights are known collectively as industrial rights in Finland, and almost all businesses deal with at least one of them. These rights are increasingly important when trying to capture market share and valuating the business’s capital value. Thus, it’s quite important and highly recommended to effectively secure and manage these rights to ensure your business’s growth.

How we can help your business

  • licensing rights management
  • breach of IP rights matters
  • unfair business practices
  • securing and registering IP rights in Finland and internationally
  • franchising agreements

In addition to licensing agreements, we have assisted our clients with ICT agreements, franchising, IP rights in employment contracts and more.

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