Our services include proactive tax planning as well as mapping and administering tax related matters. In addition, we help you with tax matters after tax returns, such as tax inspections.

Generational Handovers and Merges & Acquisitions

Tax legislation has several provisions meant to remove tax barriers from mergers and acquisitions as well as provide less tax burden when generational handovers are carried out. Tax law also has provisions against tax evasion, for which reason it is important to hire an expert in tax law to ensure that all arrangements are done in accordance with the law.

Generational handovers involve many questions on taxes. There are several ways to carry out a generational handover, each with their own tax burden and deductions.

We also advice you with business organization, M&A cases and other tax planning matters for both businesses and their owners. As a part of ADVOC network, we are able to assist you with the help of our international associates if you have any questions about international tax law.

Tax Planning Techniques

Tax planning is allowed under Finnish and EU law to a certain extent. For example, the parties doing a transaction can freely decide the form of transaction, be it a sale, gift or inheritance, and for what price the property is transferred. However, the price must be within the limits set by the Finnish Tax Administration guidelines.

Taxpayers can choose the most optimal of any legal tax planning technique. Tax planning will not make you rich but can help reduce the tax burden.

One must note, however, that if transactions are chained in a way that the Tax Administration considers abnormal, the Tax administration might get involved with these transactions and there may be consequences. The business owner must by request be able clear why the transactions are justified economically.

Our tax law services

  • generational handover and taxation
  • tax planning for mergers and acquisitions
  • dividend taxation
  • international tax matters
  • representation of clients before the Tax Administration
  • inheritance and gift tax planning
  • capital gains tax
  • customs and tariffs
  • appeals, disputes and reports

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