About Lindblad & Co

We have been active for over 20 years and are among the 35 largest law firms in Finland. We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ legal questions, especially in the fields of business law and challenging cases with individuals. Our services are available in Finnish and English.

Why to Choose Lindblad & Co?

It is very important to us to provide you with high quality service at a reasonable price. Our associates follow clear principles and guidelines to provide long-term services for all our clients.

Our customer satisfaction is rated high in the surveys. We like to think that our success is measured against how our clients succeed with our help. We always aim for preventing legal problems before they can even manifest.

Our Values

Quality with Passion

We are very passionate about our work. Obstacles are merely challenges to us. We always aim for a good outcome and are not tempted to cut corners.


Our associates have years, even tens of years, of experience in the legal field. We carry out our assignments with the high standards set by the Finnish Bar Association.

Trust and confidentiality

We closely follow the Finland Bar Association’s guidelines and always ensure that your case remains confidential. We can use secured email if you so wish, our staff maintains professional confidentiality and all valuable items are held in a safe deposit box.

Where Price Meets Quality

We aim not to compromise either price nor quality of our services. When you give us an assignment, we will send you our price list and our general terms; invoices and billing can be negotiated flexibly and we offer e-invoices.

Friendly Service

Legal matters sometimes involve difficult or unpleasant things. We want to make you feel comfortable when dealing with even the most difficult disputes or cases where your rights have been violated.

See Our Affiliates

We have partnered with many national and local organizations and businesses. Depending on the terms of partnership, you or your business may be entitled to free phone counseling or get support to your case from our partner. The support amount can be significant.

See all our partnerships and follow the instructions to redeem all the benefits. Development corporation partnerships are based on locality, so if your business is located in the area where the development corporation is active, please contact us! If your business is a member of an organization, you can enjoy the benefits as long as you are a member.

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