Business Law


We help our clients with litigation processes, before them and after there has been a judgment.

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Public organizations and Companies

We help public companies and organizations in wide selection of matters related to contract law, formation and organization and more!

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IP Rights and Competition Law

We help businesses with all kinds of intellectual property rights matters as well in matters concerning market competition.

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Insolvency and Debt Collection


Under Finnish law bankruptcy means liquidation of all the debtor’s assets and using them to pay the creditors.

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Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is meant to help a business to reorganize and cut costs to make it profitable again. An alternative to a bankruptcy.

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Debt Collection

Debt collection means out-of-court proceedings that attempt to make the debtor pay the creditor. We can also help you with court proceedings.

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Labor Law

Ending Employment Contract

There are many ways to end an employment contract. We can help you ensure the contract is ended lawfully. If you are an employee we can help you if your contract has been ended unlawfully.

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Transfer of Employment

When a business is sold or restructured the employer can change wile the employment contracts carry on unchanged from the previous employer.

Temporary Layoffs

Temporary layoffs mean pausing the employment and paying salary for a certain time without ending the employment.

Working Hours

Working hours are strictly regulated in Finland under both laws and collective agreements.

Occupational Health and Safety

Both employers and employees alike are obliged under the law to act responsible and mitigate any workplace or occupational hazards.

Co-operation and Employee Representation

The aim of co-operation procedure is to enable employees have more chances to influence decisions concerning their work and environment.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Our services in the field of real estate include property transactions, development and more.

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Housing Co-operations/companies

We provide advice on legal questions on housing co-ops from purchases to co-op board meeting procedures.

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Construction Law

We can help you with construction contracts and dispute resolution.

Family and Inheritance Law

Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is a wide field, including distribution of inheritance, will, estate inventory and inheritance taxation.

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Division of Property

In Finland when a couple divorces their matrimonial property is divided or, if they don’t have marital right on each other’s property, separation of property.

Family Law

Family law is an area of law that deals especially with marriage and domestic matters, child custody and meeting rights as well as adoption.


Capital Gains Tax

The capital gains tax is a tax on the growth in value of investments incurred when individuals and corporations sell those investments at a higher price than for what they were purchased.

Dividend Distribution Tax

Dividend paid by limited companies is taxed. Tax rate is dependent on e.g., whether the dividend recipient is a company or an individual.

Gift and Inheritance Taxa

Gifts and inheritance are taxed if their value is over the threshold set in legislation.

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