Junior Advoc meeting in Helsinki

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd will be hosting a Junior Advoc Meeting in Helsinki in October 2016.

Junior Advoc is gathering togehter approximately once a year and an attorneys’ office of the country in question hosts the meeting. This year our office has the honour to host the meeting of Junior Advoc. The participants of the meeting can attend lectures as well make tours of City Helsinki.

In addition to the annual meetings Junior Advoc has telephone conferences every six weeks. All the junior lawyers of Advoc have been invited to the conferences. The topics of these conferences vary a lot inside judicial field. The members as well write and publish articles in Gazette, the paper of Advoc.

Detailed information about this event and Advoc itself in the Net Advoc Homepage.

Asianajotoimisto Lindblad kuuluu Advoc verkostoon


Junior Advoc meet up in Paris 2015


Junior Advoc meet up in Paris 2015

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