Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd sponsoring ethno-festival in Imatra

julisteEthno-festival is arranged by Russian cultural association “Lyyra”, which is active among immigrants assisting them to integrate in Finnish society. Lyyra also sustains and upholds Russian immigrants’ own language and cultural tradition. This is already the second time when this festival will be organized in Imatra.

The themes of last year’s festival were 130-year-old Finnish national costume and the 180th anniversary of Finnish national epic Kalevala. Kalevalan Naiset and Imatran Inkerit were cooperating at the festival.

This year’s themes are Russian national costumes and national music. There will be held a seminar about the Russian national costume, master-classes and an exhibition of Russian national costumes. In Imatra’s culture center Virta there is also an exhibition of Slavic dolls. In the summer street of Koskenparras there are Russian dancing groups performing national dances, songs and short plays. The motto of the concert is “Culture without borders”. Art collectives from two border towns, Vyborg, Svetogorsk and Petroskoi will be arriving in Imatra.

Next year’s theme of the Ethno-festival is planned to be ”The Karelians on both sides of the border”. They also plan to expand the festival to Lappeenranta area.

The festival of 2016 will be organized with support of Imatra city and cultural board of the city. Saimaa Garden, Art-galleri, Evrika, Faro and Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd among others are sponsoring the happening. Russian cultural association Lyyra thanks the sponsors and hopes the cooperation continues.

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