A Legal Expert to Help with Notice of Defects

When Minna and Kari Holma bought a house in August 2020 they had no idea what a real estate deal gone wrong could mean. “It was an older place. When we toured the house before closing the sale, we didn’t notice anything abnormal. But on the moving day, we sensed the smell of mold in the building. We could live in the house for only 9 weeks before we had to move out. We already had thought about leaving but the final wake-up call came when my husband had a stroke; we had to get out of there,” Minna Holma explains.

The Holmas made a notice of defects to the seller themselves first. However, the seller denied all liability, so the Holmas decided to turn to a legal counsel.

”I started searching a lawyer online and found a pretty big selection of law firms. I called to probably 10 different firms. On Attorneys Lindblad & Co’s website I got a professional and trustworthy picture of them, and when I discussed about our case over the phone with Minna Ravi, I immediately sensed that she knew more about these kinds of things than many others. She took the case in right away,” Minna Holma recalls.

Cooperation, Inspection and a Pleasant Outcome

First, Minna Ravi made a more thorough notice of defects to begin the process. The next thing was to get more insight on the condition of the property and possible damage caused by mold.

”Together we pondered on which home inspector to ask for the job. Minna Ravi had some contacts and I myself also found some good candidates,” Minna Holma says.

In the end, two inspectors visited the property, one being specialized in indoor air quality problems. He gave a report which stated the nature of the defects, how to fix them and a cost estimate.

“When we got the final report, Minna Ravi drafted the final notice of defects very quickly, in just two days. It was very comprehensive and had the final home inspection reports attached to it. The findings were so grave that it was clear what the outcome would be if the case was taken to the court. The seller understood it and quickly agreed to settle the case,” says Minna Holma.

The Holmas demanded that the purchase price had to be refunded in full and the home inspection costs should be divided equally between the parties.  All in all the home inspections had cost €7,900. The seller didn’t agree to pay the €3,500 that the Holmas had demanded at first but offered €2,000 instead, which was agreed by the Holmas to finally settle the case for good.

”After we had come to an agreement, Minna Ravi organized everything. She made the settlement agreement documents, and we were able to cancel the purchase contract in a matter of days. She also offered to help with asset transfer tax, but that I was able to do myself,” Minna Holma explains.

”It was a pleasant surprise that most of the costs associated with the home inspection were covered by our insurance. We wouldn’t have known to file an insurance claim hadn’t Minna advised us to do so. She took care of the claim as well.”

Praise for Speed and Expertise

To the Holmas settling the matter was understandably a relief.

“When we signed the settlement agreement on February 9 and received the refund on our bank account, that’s when the weight was lifted off our shoulders. We started the search for a new home and found one. However, we’re over and done with buying a detached house and it no longer was an option to us. It was a horrible process with the property purchase dispute and we can’t stand to think what it’s like if it keeps going for years. Luckily to us this was quickly over,” Minna reflects back.

”The speed was definitely the most valuable thing that Lindblad & Co gave us. Every time we needed something, the necessary paperwork was quickly drafted by Minna. Albeit the process out of necessity takes some time, I never had to wait for response from Lindblad & Co. We proceeded with the case as fast as possible – and I myself stood firm that things got done.”

”Minna Ravi was easily reached when needed. She comprehensibly took care of us as her clients,” Minna Holma adds.

Minna Ravi’s expertise at real estate law was at least as good as the first impression let the Holmas believe.

”Her expertise was present in everything she did and her paperwork was top notch. The tax clerk even said that the documentation by Ravi was drafted so well that there was absolutely nothing unclear. Having a lawyer based in a different city bore us no extra costs. Only if we had had to go the court would there have been travel expenses, but fortunately we didn’t have to take this there. I’m very pleased with my choice,” Minna Holma summarizes.

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