Lindblad & Co assisted Eläinklinikka Loime Oy in valuation and the subsequent business acquisition

“We had decided to divest from Loime Oy, and in the fall of 2022, Lindblad & Co joined the process. We wanted an external expert’s opinion on the company’s value,” says Osmo Hyyrynen, one of the partners at Loime Oy who decided to exit the business. “At this point, we had a letter of intent with our own staff buyer group, and another interested buyer was available. Lindblad & Co’s valuation provided us with good background information, and based on that, discussions were held with potential buyers. The valuation report was very detailed, and the calculations were made from multiple perspectives, providing a strong financial insight into the process,” Hyyrynen explains.

“The financiers of the buyer group—Finnvera and the bank—challenged the valuation quite strongly. In intense negotiations, we went through in great detail why the valuation is what it is. The fact that the valuation had been conducted properly and according to generally accepted models could also be verified based on the accounting records,” Hyyrynen continues.

“Lindblad & Co’s role was crucial in constructing a financing package that worked from the perspective of all parties involved in the deal. Lindblad & Co assisted in exploring various solution options and building a functional model for the completion of the transaction. This was crucial to ensure the overall functionality from both the buyer group and their financiers’ perspectives.”

“The actual examination of the business (Due Diligence) was described in great detail in the sale documents, so we did this in collaboration with the buyer. When everything was found to be in order, the team at Lindblad & Co finalized the sale documents.”

“In the end, the most important thing to us was that the buyer shared similar values to ours. This is why selling the company to our own staff was a natural choice. We are pleased that the team at Lindblad & Co helped implement the arrangement,” concludes Hyyrynen with a smile.

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