Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd along in Avainapteekkien markkinointi Oy

The Avainapteekki marketing chain owned by
pharmacy shareholders has taken advantage of Lindblad’s know-how in the preparation of a shareholders’ agreement. Cooperation has ensured that the interests of both the company and its shareholders are duly taken into account.

The Shareholder Agreement protects the interests of all parties

When Avainapteekkien markkinointi Oy’s cooperation with the law firm Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd began in 2011, nearly 100 pharmacies were only in the process of being set up. Avainapteekkien markkinointi Oy acts as a marketing chain for its member pharmacies and produces campaigns and marketing materials for their use.

All members of the chain are members of the company. One of the most important legal issues during the times has been drafting a shareholder agreement that has been attended by law firm Lindblad. The shareholder agreement has been updated several times, and other agreements were also drawn up by Lindblad.

“We would not have been able to make a shareholder agreement, and we have the principle that we get expertise from those who know. At some point, the shareholder agreement came to significant changes as information in our other chain agreements was combined and standardized. Now the information is the same in all,” says Tuuli Koski, Chairman of the Board of Avainapteekki Marketing Oy, one of the chain’s pharmacists.

“When the shareholder agreement was renewed, Markku Lindblad was present at our meeting to open up the contents in more detail in order to properly explain the jurisprudence. All the members signed the agreement and we have been able to use the same basis later,” Koski continues.

General counseling, training and other practical assistance

In the early stages of co-operation, Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s expertise was needed in the company’s establishing papers, and later Avainapteekkien markkinointi Oy has had a general counseling contract with Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd. The general counseling service gives you the liberty to ask for advice whenever the situation requires. Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has, over the years, offered various lectures for Avainapteekki -members.

“I was elected to chair unexpectedly, so I did not know at first that we had a General Counseling Agreement. After understanding the importance of the Agreement, I now ask their opinion about all issues with low threshold. Recently they advised us in legal terms when our chain was united with another pharmacy chain. And now we have pharmacies here in the new Avainapteekit Oy chain about 200 “, Koski says.

“Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s lawyers have also attended our meetings to discuss different themes, such as data protection, and have helped in many practical things, too,” Koski adds.

In addition, Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd have handled some of the key Avainapteekki disputes, but they have never been taken to the court. In connection with the updating of the last shareholder agreement, a chain agreement was also drafted, and the articles of association were, if necessary, stipulated to agree on the contents of other agreements.

Fast service in a comprehensible language

According to Koski, cooperation with Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has brought Avainapteekkien markkinointi Oy the certainty that all the interests of all the chains are taken into account.

“We do not have to wonder what the contract means, but they have explained things to us understandably,” she says.

“We certainly would not have been able to take into account the company’s interest in the shareholder agreement. The lawyers were able to think about the company’s point of view, but also what is reasonable for members. We have probably been able to avoid any trials, because the agreement was so clear.”

“With Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd, everything has been kept what has been agreed. We have been able to rely on their expertise and they also knew the special features of this industry. They are not necessarily so clear for everybody, but it usually requires longer working with the industry.”

The most Koski has appreciated the prompt reaction of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s service.

“If I have needed a quick answer, I have also had it. I can recommend Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd to others, and I plan to use their services also as a private person.”

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