Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has been an important legal aid for Talovarma Real Estate Services

Kiinteistöpalvelu Talovarma Oy is a long-time client of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd, who appreciates Lindblad’s extensive expertise, careful insight into matters and handling the cases in the interest of the customer.

Talovarma has been assured of the necessity of legal cooperation

Housing companies and property managers often have to settle liability issues where legal expertise is more than necessary. Kiinteistöpalvelu Talovarma Oy, a service provider offering high-quality property management services in the Helsinki metropolitan area and districts, is prepared for this by making a general advice contract with Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.

“I’ve been cooperating with Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd already since the 90s in respect of the former property maintenance company, and under Talovarma name beginning the early 2000s. I have seen in practice the benefits of the service: good service and high success rate in cases taken to court. They clarify the matters so well that there will be no gaps that would negatively affect the outcome, “says Talovarma’s Managing Director Pertti Burgman.

Legal aid for both small and large housing companies

Over the years, Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has helped Talovarma and its customers with various types of legal aid issues. There have been, for example, internal disputes within companies, administrative matters requiring legal advice, seizures for collecting of maintenance charges and the contract agreements and assisting the sale of business.

With the assistance of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd, Talovarma has managed not only the challenges of ordinary housing companies but also handled equitably the more difficult cases between the parties. A good example of this was a business unit, part of a housing company, which was decided to be separated from the Ltd and to sell the buildings and plot.

“The plot was parceled out and the building was sold at a mutually acceptable price. Lindblad handled sales-related issues from price determination to sales negotiations, which had to be held several before reaching the end result. They also took care of the updating of the articles of association and the encumbrances, and instructed how the housing company should present it to the shareholders. If the building had not been sold, it would have cost the company a lot of money to renovate it. The deal was very complicated, but with Lindblad’s expertise it was successfully conducted, “Burgman says.

More value to property management

Apart from the fact that Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has solved many concrete problems, it has been a valuable addition to Talovarma’s service supply.

“We are able to tell the customer that we have direct long-term contacts with the law firm. The client does not have to go to Kiinteistöliitto, where things are often handled only in general terms. Lindblad, on the other hand, gives detailed advice and pathways to help in that particular situation. This is how we can provide high quality service to our customer, “Burgman says.

“Lindblad’s service is professional and careful. Before proceeding, things are properly studied and explained to the client from all sides, including the bad ones. Then the customer has the opportunity to decide whether to proceed with the case. You never hurry or rush forward and then wonder, why it went that way.”

“Based on our experience and the experience of our customers, I definitely recommend Lindblad to the property managers and housing companies. They have very extensive professional skills and experience in various fields. Through their several offices, expert services are available nationwide, and customers are not tied to a single office or person.”

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