The General Counseling Agreement adds value to customers of the Karelian Real Estate Management

From Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd the property management agency
receives quick and reliable answers to the legal issues faced
by their clients.

General counseling for seven years

An estate management agency in Joensuu “Karelian Real Estate Management” has been a client of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd since the autumn of 2011. During the years of co-operation, Karelian Kiinteistötili’s owner, Property Manager Mikko Karttunen has found the service to be clearly beneficial both to the company itself and its customers.

“In the everyday life of a real estate agency, we often come across legal issues. When something comes up for the first time, there is no complete formula to solve it. A legal expert can help in these situations”, Karttunen explains.

“In certain occasion I happened to discuss with a person working at Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd. He proposed me a general counseling contract, and so our cooperation began. “

The General Counseling Agreement provides added value to customers

Situations where Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s help is needed will, according to Karttunen’s estimates, come up in everyday life about once a month or two. Then, simply by phone or email, contact a lawyer at Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s.

“The General Counseling Agreement is in practice a telephone and e-mail advisory. Mostly, we use email and always get the answers. Normally advisable things in our work include, for example, liability issues related to maintenance of the apartment and conflicts between shareholders and apartment companies,” Karttunen explains.

According to Karttunen cooperation has worked well and has improved the service provided by the estate management to its customers.

“The General Counseling Service has added value to our customers. When we have a law service that always has a quick response, we are also able to offer our customers more knowledgeable service. Many times after the first question, further questions will arise as the situation lives on the client side. Our cooperation is a smooth dialogue. “

Efficiency in the work of a property management agency

On the other hand, the General Counseling Agreement has also intensified the time management of the property management agency.

“Looking for answers in such situations would take a lot more time if we went through the law and its interpretations by ourselves. Lindblad’s service brings efficiency to our operations,” says Karttunen.

“Attorneys at Lindblad’s answers are always fast and they are comprehensive. They are also explained clearly and in everyman’s language so that there are no ambiguities. “

“The service has always been good, and expertise is available from Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd. Yes, I would recommend them to other corporate customers,” Karttunen states.

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