The shopkeepers of Jounin Kauppa rely on Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd in law matters

Sampo Kaulanen and Michele Murphy-Kaulanen,
shop keepers of widely-known Jounin Kauppa Oy,turn without exception in juridical matters to Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.

Mutual understanding from very beginning

Jounin Kauppa Oy in Ylläs, Äkäslompolo, is Finland’s largest K-market, which exists since 1950. The current shop keepers Sampo Kaulanen and Michele Murphy-Kaulanen represent third generation merchants. Over the years, the size of the store has become much bigger than it used to be in the 1950s – both as a result of the growing Ylläs holiday resort and the inventive marketing campaign of the current shop keepers.

Of course, the growing business has also come up with situations where legal counseling is needed. Cooperation with the law firm Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd began several years ago.

“We’ve been working together pretty much for four years now. I found the law firm Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd initially through Google and called directly attorney Minna Romu. Right after the first call it was clear that she spoke the same language with us and knows how to go ahead. I wanted our chemistry to function and the needless drivels left out,” Michele Murphy-Kaulanen, Managing Director of Jounin Kauppa Oy, justifies the selection.

Assignments in wide range

From the first well-managed case, a cooperative relationship began, which has included, in addition to general counseling, labor relations, company law, right to compensation, business premises lease and works contract.

“Attorneys at Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd have handled our assignments of all kinds: for example, marriage, staff, pay, and now the latest legal liability for construction time. We are still in the process of the default in construction and we will receive help from Minna Romu in the form of a consultation, in drawing up documents and in everything else that the case will still require,” Michele explains.

“All the assignments have gone the same way. We’ve got Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s assistance from the beginning to the end of the lawsuit, and everything has been bang on.”

Effective lawyer service in spoken language

In the attorney’s service, Kaulanen-couple appreciate the easiness as well as right and quick solutions.

“We do not have to wonder how to work in certain situations – and we do not have such knowledge and education either. We already know who to contact and we will get the answers right away,” Michele says.

“If we did not have a legal expert, we would certainly have stumbled many times. Now the unnecessary adjustment can be left out. We both think that if there are any doubts, then it is better to ask an expert and we also easily contact Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.”

“Concerning the service we have got from them, there is nothing to complain. It is professional and efficient. Each time, Minna herself has had the necessary information in the case, and it has just been clear how things are going to go. “

“I definitely recommend Lindblad to others. If you need expert advice on business matters quickly, they are the number one. Things are not discussed in legalese, but understandably. I have also experienced other attorneys, but we have come to the conclusion that we always use the services of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd.”

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