Tiliässät complements its service package with Lindblad’s legal expertise

The expertise gained from the partner gives the accounting office an even better service to customers.

More comprehensive service with a partner

Accounting company Tiliässät Oy Ab is a financial management expert company from Loviisa, whose service emphasizes modern solutions and the desire to serve customers holistically. Cooperation with Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd, which started about a year ago, is an integral part of this overall approach.

Our cooperation began in October 2016. Tiliässät had previously expanded through an acquisition, and Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd was already familiar with our accounting company H. Widell. Ever since then, we have had a general counseling contract with Lindblad that will benefit both us and our customers”, says Tony Granström, Managing Director of Tiliässät.

“We want to produce expert information to support our customers’ decision-making and provide one-stop service. However, you cannot be an expert in everything, so when necessary, you have to get deeper knowledge from the outside. General counseling has solved many of these issues for us”, Granström justifies the importance of cooperation.

Working cooperation for the benefit of customers

General counseling has provided assistance in the field of legal interpretation and business law matters that may be encountered with various customers, when working in an accounting office. Co-operation between the accounting office and the law firm has been able to guarantee the best possible service and the preconditions for a smooth business for the customers.

“When our customers need legal assistance, we have been able to ask Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd a general response to the matter. Often, general counseling is enough to solve the case but in more demanding cases, a customer can order additional services from Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd. The process goes on smoothly because Lindblad has already become familiar with the matter,” Granström says.

“One of the most recent cases is one in which our customer has purchased the business and got cheated by the selling party. Together with Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd we try to serve our customers in the way that they get the best possible starting points for doing business,” Granström describes.

In addition to the previous example, the customers of Tiliässät have received advice from Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd for example in customer companies’ disputes, tax and Last Will affairs, and in questions concerning housing companies. When new kinds of situations will be handled, Tiliässät also gain information which they can share forward to their customers.

Competent and easy to reach service

In addition to the expertise in law, Tiliässät also appreciates the language skills of Lindblad’s experts and a comprehensive office network.

“Language skills are an important part of quality of service, and Lindblad’s expertise comes up there. We have a lot of Swedish-speaking customers, and for foreigners we offer service in English. The office of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd’s is so large that they always have the right person to help with cases that demand language skills”, states Granström.

“The fact that Lindblad has offices across the country has been a good thing for our customers. Even though our office is in Loviisa, we have customers from Lappeenranta to Hanko. They get served in the office that is closest to them”, continues Granström.

“With Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd everything has gone well: they are easy to approach and the service is both competent and functional. When we need advice, we get answers often for the next day or within a few days. The customer does not have to wait weeks, and the case can be handled quickly.”

The significance of expertise will be further emphasized in the future

For Tiliässät, Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd is the first expert partner of jurisprudence, but in the past year, it has become clear to them that they definitely want to continue the cooperation.

“In the past, in our customers’ cases that demanded legal expertise, we acted by giving them a list of law offices that they can contact if they so wish. Now the customer has the opportunity to continue handling his case directly with the person who is already aware of the situation”, Granström compares.

“The interpretation of law included in general counseling of Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd is often so comprehensive that the customer will not have any surprises later on. The answer is not only yes or no, but an interpretation of the law in lenght of A4 page.  The feedback about Lindblad’s services has only been positive.”

“Hopefully the cooperation will continue for a long time. We have already had the idea to further deepen cooperation, for example, through joint customer events. Good co-operation is important for the future, as the accounting offices are in a turning point. The significance of services with added value for customers is increasing all the time, “Granström reckons.

“I would recommend Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd especially to companies who encounter business law questions and need help in law interpretation. In that area Lindblad’s expertise has come out well. In addition, they will certainly have expertise in other areas as well.”

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