Public procurement

We assist in statutory tendering municipalities, state authorities and other procurement units mentioned in law.

We counsel our Clients to act according to the objectives of law and thus guarantee them possibilities to execute public procurements equally.

Correct procedure guarantees also the aiming of public funds the most effective way. It also helps to find the best price-quality ratio in acquisitions.

Aiming at equality and non-discrimination

Principle of equal and non-discriminatory treatment of contenders and bidders is based on principles of the Treaty of EC and on the Procurement Directive. This presumes e.g. adequate openness of the procedure of procurement and also sufficient coverage in recording of public procurements. The procedures of procurements outside EC-legislation will be regulated by law in order to meet the requirements of EC’s principles of non-discrimination, proportionality and openness.

We assist

with matters relating to

  • procurement contracts
  • procurement procedure
  • request for quotation and specification of the object
  • selection as well contenders, bidders and the tender
  • legal protectio