Edinburgh Calling – Thoughts Before the Advoc AGM 2022

When I was told about the chance to participate in the Advoc AGM 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland I hopped on board right away. Networking, socializing and seeing new places is very enjoyable to me and, since I’m always interested in foreign and international law, what would be a better place than the annual general meeting of Advoc! It’s a network of independent law firms operating across the globe from North America to Asia. Lindblad & Co has been a member for over a decade and the organization offers some unique chances to collaborate and cooperate in matters that have an international component, such as M&As or contracts between two companies each located in different jurisdictions. All members are experts in their own practice areas and counties, which is a valuable: if they need to know the details or law in practice, let’s say in the US, we in Finland or someone in Italy or the UK, for example, can just give them a call (or message) and arrange the needed information to the client or let the local Advoc member take care of the case if it doesn’t fall within the purview, you’re comfortable with or if the client benefits from direct cooperation with the other Advoc member.

Against this kind of interesting backdrop, I’m looking forward to seeing what MacRoberts, the organizer of the AGM, has to offer for delegates in Edinburgh. I have to admit that besides the conference and lectures and so on, it’s a very attractive idea to get to travel to Scotland, which is among my top destinations in Europe. It’s not my first overseas trip after the pandemic began in 2020, but it’s the first when things have seemingly started to get back to normal: no travel restrictions or screenings at the airports anymore. I appreciate that MacRoberts will provide the delegates a chance of sightseeing the city’s many landmarks and a glimpse into local whiskeys and cuisine.

Overall, I appreciate the chance that Lindblad & Co is sending me se this conference to see our colleagues from many parts of the world and to establish and maintain possible future projects with our fellow lawyers in the Advoc network and perhaps we’ll get to learn something new, at least whether it rains all the time in Scotland as people claim (the neighboring England is less rainy than is the common misconception).

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