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Municipal law and IP Rights Expert

Keijo Siiskonen graduated as a Master of Laws from the University of Helsinki in 1994. After a one-year bench training he earned the title Master of Laws with court training. Previously Keijo has been employed by the Lappeenranta University of Technology, EKSOTE – Joint municipal authority for South Karelia social and health services, Ministry of Interior and Oy Partek Ab. As bywork, Keijo has been a practising licensed legal counsel since July 2019.

Keijo has long experience in the municipal government, municipal decision-making, public procurement and proceedings in the Market Court. In addition he is well familiarized with mergers and acquisitions in the municipal field. He lead the support services unit of the joint municipal authority which was responsible for human resources and finances. When acting as the secretary of the board of the joint municipal authority, Keijo was strongly involved with public procurement matters and organizational changes within the joint authority.

At the Lappeenranta University of Technology where he worked before joining the ranks of Lindblad & Co, Keijo’s experience covered a range of IP Rights-adjacent as well as non-disclosure and no-competition agreements matters. Keijo’s practice covers, in particular, the transfer and licensing of IP rights.

Keijo has many years’ expertise in employment and labor law. He has served in HR management under three different organizations where he actively engaged in advising and training the organization in legal matters.

Keijo’s strong experience if the field of management and leadership has prepared him well to see ta corporate client’s case comprehensibly, while acknowledging the particular features of each company. During his studies, Keijo served as a police officer in public order police and financial crimes investigation respectively. This experience gives him an edge to understand the liability questions of companies and other incorporated organizations alike as well as be an effective counsel in financial crime cases.

Keijo Siiskonen: An Interview

Tell us a bit of your background. How did you end up being a lawyer?

I began working as a police offiver in Espoo in 1988. I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of law, so I applied and got admitted to the Helsinki University Law School. My court training was in Lahti in 1995, after which I was presented an opportunity to work at the Ministry of Interior as a specialist. Most of my career consists of different kinds of leadership and management positions. A couple of years back I wanted to return to practice law and I transferred to the LUT university lawyer. Under Attorneys Lindblad & Co I belive I am able to utilize my experience while learning entirely new aspects of law.

What is the best thing in your job?

I like interacting with clients and I find it very fulfilling to search and find ways to help my clients via the means of law.

What fields of law are your favorites?

I find all of them interesting, and getting to familiarize yourself a new field is always rewarding.

What do you do on your free time?

Exercise and physical activity are a substantial part of my life: “Mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Which three things matter to you the most?

Family, health and constant learning.

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