Buying a home in Finland: Lindblad & Co assisted a non-citizen in the process

When Bernard Günther, Sc.D (Finance and Economics) was appointed as the CFO and member of the executive council of Fortum Group it became necessary for him to begin the search for a home in Finland. Attorneys Lindblad & Co assisted Günther to look for a suitable property in Helsinki by checking the specifics of each of the client’s buy candidates and drafting the contract of sale afterwards.

Professional Attitude and Fluent English

Attorneys Lindblad & Co was not familiar to Bernhard Günther, but it was among the ones he was recommended. Lindblad stood out because of its fast response and professional attitude.

Günther doesn’t speak Finnish, but there was absolutely no language barrier; all communications with Lindblad’s staff were effortless with no delays. “The service I received was in fluent and proper English and all required translation were done timely and with high quality,” Günther recalls.

”Job Well Done”

Günther thinks the entire home purchase process was done very professionally. “Everything was done quickly and I got the feeling that they had all the aspects of the process in tight control. I was also given a lot of information on how to do real estate transactions in Finland.”

The biggest success of Lindblad Günther thinks is that the entire process went so effortlessly and smoothly. “I and my wife had the feeling the entire time that things were taken care and that we could trust these people.”

Very content with the outcome, Günther recommends Lindblad & Co’s services to everyone. “Should I need assistance with real estate again, I would definitely turn to Lindblad & Co!”

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