Legal Advice on Employment Law Questions

Polyronic Ltd, founded in 1986, is currently the largest manufacturer of die cuts in Finland. Owned by three entrepreneurs and employing a dozen people, the Finnish company delivers die cuts mostly for the needs of packaging industry.   

Legal Advice for Employee Relations

Polytronic has utilized Lindblad & Co’s legal advice mostly for employee relations.

“We have needed advice in a few staff-related matters. The first case was about a dispute over an old employment contract where a union lawyer contacted us. We were assisted by Minna Ravi of Lindblad & Co. Eventually, the case was settled in a satisfactory way to all parties,” says Jani Kaunisto, CEO of Polytronic Ltd.

“The other case was about an unfortunate but necessary layoff, and once again we were aided by Lindblad & Co. It was important to us that all the laws were followed and the layoff was done accordingly. We were greatly helped by Lindblad & Co, because such employment law related matters aren’t everyday business to us,” Kaunisto tells and adds up:

“Paying for the legal advice has been a good choice. It would be tremendously more expensive to pay damages if these things went wrong and contracts or laws would be breached.”

Fast and Effortless Legal Advice

The choice of a law firm eventually came down to reasonable pricing, special expertise in employment law and the fact that Lindblad & Co has a branch in Tampere, not far from Valkeakoski, so it’s easy to visit and talk face-to-face.

“In practice, all communication with Lindblad & Co has been effortless and straightforward. First, we had reviewed the case face-to-face with Minna Ravi and after that everything was done via email and phone. The quickly took a grasp of the case and began advancing it,” Kaunisto describes the fluidity of communicating with Lindblad & Co.

”The most important benefits we’ve gotten are practical aid and advice that we would never had found on Google – firsthand factual information, combined with experiences from precedents as well as help with drafting of the agreement. With this kind of service, we have been reassured that on Polytronic’s side both of these employment cases have been duly managed. We are experts on our own field, but legal matters – not so much.

How would you describe the services of Lindblad & Co?

“The service we got was outstanding – fast and effortless. Minna Ravi was quick to react to our questions and reply back very fast, even if she must have numerous other cases going on simultaneously,” Kaunisto reviews. “I can recommend Lindblad & Co with no reservations to other entrepreneurs who struggle with employment law. We always got the exact help we needed at Lindblad & Co.

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