Lindblad & Co advised the parties on a stock sale of Pirkanmaan Tilausliikenne Ltd. to Koiviston Auto Ltd.

We advised the parties when Koiviston Auto, the target company of CapMan Infra, bought the entire stock of Pirkanmaan Tilausliikenne Oy. Pertti Johansson as the 100% majority shareholder acted as the seller. 

About Pirkanmaan Tilausliikenne Oy

Pirkanmaan Tilausliikenne Oy is the largest local transit company in the Tampere area. The company employs around 900 people, owns 86 buses and had a revenue of 15 million euros in fiscal year 2021. Over 95 percent of the revenue is based on public local transit contracts. All the employees will transfer to Koiviston Auto Group. The deal has no immediate effects on clients nor services provided.

About Koiviston Auto Group

Koiviston Auto is the largest bus service company in Finland with nationwide a network of depots and routes. It employs 2,300 people, owns 1,000 vehicles and its revenue was 173 million euros in fiscal year 2020. Koiviston Auto is the market leader of market-based intercity bus services with its OnniBus.com, OnniBusFlex and Porvoon Liikenne brands. The company is strongly present in the public local transit segment in Helsinki metropolitan area, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Kuopio, Oulu, Porvoo, Rauma, Rovaniemi and Varkaus. Founded in 1928, Koiviston auto has its headquarters in Lahti. More information available (in Finnish) on www.koivistonauto.fi tai www.onnibus.com.

About CapMan

CapMan is a leading Nordic value-building private assets management and investment company. CapMan has developed hundreds of unlisted businesses and properties and created remarkable value during its 30 years of operations as a pioneer of private equity in the Nordic. CapMan manages assets worth of over 4.5 billion euros and has set goals to offer attractive and innovative solutions for investors. CapMan has committed to set targets to reduce CO2 emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. CapMan’s strategy is to operate widely in the unlisted market with the help of its locally specialized teams. CapMan’s investments cover minority and majority stakes in unlisted target companies, real estate and infrastructure investments alike. In addition, CapMan offers asset management services. They also offer comprehensive wealth advisory services covering both listed and unlisted markets, including investment advisory services on buying and selling, analysis, reporting and back-office services. CapMan employs 160 professionals between Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Luxembourg. CapMan has been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (XHEL) since 2001. www.capman.com

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