Lindblad & Co helped the employee with a dispute with his employer

Mikko Partanen from Ylöjärvi turned to Lindblad & Co’s professional service in a dispute between him and his employer.

Legal advice for an employment dispute

Mikko Partanen had worked in sales for several years when his and the employer’s views collided over the employment contract. Partanen hadn’t joined a union, so he started seeking someone to provide legal advice on his case.

”I had never used lawyer’s services before, so I googled around to find options and their fields of expertise. I was also interested in their testimonials. I was convinced by the skillset provided by Lindblad & Co and their testimonials so I contacted their employment law attorney, Minna Ravi.”

Collaborating with the attorney

”Minna was quickly assigned to the case and proceed with it. Our cooperation’s cornerstone was that I was able to tell my side of what had happened at work. Based on my story Minna drafted letters and gave them to me to review before forwarding them to my employer,” Mikko Partanen explains.

The process took several months, but Partanen has no regrets over it. “It was the first time to me to be involved in a case like this and we had open conversation with about the risks involved. Minna all along kept me informed on where we stood and what would happen next. Even if it was stressful, I think it was the right thing to do. It was very important to me to get a result that was fair.”

Friendly and Professional service

“There was close communication between me and Minna, we mainly used email. It was a natural way to me to communicate and a smart way to keep in touch with my lawyer. Both sides were clear with what was said since it all was in writing, so we easily knew what things we already had addressed and what was to happen next. For the most part Minna could be reached extremely well and if she busier than usual she also informed me about it. The service was friendly and professional,” says Mikko Partanen, content with the outcome and summarizes:

“The best thing in Lindblad was their professional attitude in my case. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone who has disputes with their employer!”

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