Polar 2000 was helped by Lindblad & Co to correct a public procurement error

Polar 2000 is an electrical and automation engineering company, founded in 1992, that employs around 60 people in Lappeenranta, Imatra and Kouvola. The company made a bid over a contract but lost. “It’s not unsual to lose or win tenders, it’s normal. However, in this case we think the process didn’t go as it was supposed. The termn and conditions of the contract were changed unexpectedly mid-tender process and this was the reason why our bid didn’t have winning chances. We needed legal advice on how to proceed in this kind of a situation,” says Ami Hannola, CEO of Polar 2000.

”A colleague recommended Attorneys Lindblad & Co, and a more detailed look at their website helped to make the decision. “I was convinced by Lindblad’s expertise in business law and they had a lawyer specialized in competition law. We didn’t even have to think other law firms.”

Tight schedule was conquered with great cooperation    

The case proceeded fast, all things considered, right after the first contact with Lindblad & Co – with a good reason! “We had a very tight schedule as there were only fours days remaining to appeal against the procurement decision by the city of Imatra,” Hannola recalls.

The case was overseen by Tapio Tuomisto who immediately began drafting a claim for rectification to be filed to the city of Imatra. There was a tremendous amount of work and it all had to be done within a few days: just the procurement documents contained hundreds of pages, in addition to time was needed to write the letter to the city and to find precedents.  

”I actively participated in the process, since I knew the tender documents like the back of my hand and could pinpoint the errors to Tapio Tuomisto. Without his assertiveness and determination, we could never have been able to get all done in such a short time. And it was outstanding that he found a remarkable precedent to support our case!”

Fast and efficient service with the client in mind

Getting things done with Lindblad & Co was easy and fast.

Because of the appeal the city of Imatra carries out a new procurement process so Polar 2000 might bid again and win.

”It was important that our voice was heard by the city – and we had justice,” Hannola adds. “The service by Lindblad & Co was well-organized, fast and client oriented, and Tapio was very active and determined. I highly recommend them.”

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