Minna’s Special Areas of Expertise Are Labor and Real Estate Law

Minna heads the real estate and labor law teams and her assignments have covered a wide variety of cases in those fields. In addition, Minna is well experienced in procedural law, especially in civil cases as well as criminal law.

You can find Minna’s writing in magazines. She also holds regular training courses in legal matters across Finland.

Minna is an active member in several organizations and positions of trust. She has been a board member of the Finland Bar Association’s Häme Division since 2017 and is the chair since 2021. in addition she has been a member of the Bar Association Commission, the highest authority of the Association. She has also been a member of the anti-harassment work group of the Bar Association.

Minna graduated from the University of Turku and has been working at Lindblad since 2010.

Latest work

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AP-Pinnoite Oy

Lindblad & Co Attorneys Ltd has assisted AP-Pinnoite Oy in legal affairs.

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Seppo Kankaanpää, Uusimaa

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